Harnessing the Cloud to Drive Your Business

We enable small businesses to leverage automation to increase efficiency, drive sales, and keep important business assets secure and private in the cloud. Get in touch with us today to book your free consultation!

Why You Should Go Digital

Digital technology is ubiquitous in today’s business environment. Embracing it has gone from an advantage to a requirement if you wish to remain competitive. CloudRacks enables your employees to work remotely and access their environment from home and store your important files and data in the cloud for additional security. Digital transformation comes in many forms, and there are countless benefits… Learn more.

Create Flexibility

Unchain yourself from physical equipment. You can work on the go and access what you need at anytime, anywhere. It's time to simplify.

Reduce Overhead

Leveraging automation and project management tools will increase efficiency and reduce your overhead from employees and equipment.

Prevent Errors

Automating tedious tasks such as data collecting will eliminate the possibility of human error. Every business needs data that they can rely on.

Increase Accuracy

Not only does technology reduce common human errors, but it allows every stage of your business to be accurate and efficient.

Drive Sales

Automating your business through the cloud will free up time for renenue generating activites. You can even use chatbots who sell FOR you!

Customer Insight

Digitizing your business will allow you to setup analytics to understand your customers better. This insight is a key competitive advantage.

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What Clients Say

CloudRacks was instrumental in enabling our company to launch many different services on the cloud and scale within a matter of minutes and days as our business continued to grow.


Dr. Raj Sivendra

Parkway Dental

Working for many years with the Cloudracks team was simple, they took care of all our IT needs for the office. We use their Managed services team and they have been helpful in making sure we stay one step ahead of the competition.


Ravi Sathyamuthy


Partnering with Cloudracks to use their backup solution meant that our medical data was stored in HIPAA compliant data centres and made the auditing process smooth and simple.


Arun Gopal


What Clients Say

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John Doe

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