COVID-19: Digital Response for Businesses & Warehouses

Business’s today are looking for technology to solve the problems associated with COVID-19. Cloudracks Contactless thermal body temperature screening solution will allow your business and employees to open during the COVID-19 pandemic and give you peace of mind while providing saving and early detection.

Contactless Temperature Screening

Thermal cameras and calibrated bodies are far superior to manual fever screening. Manual fever screening makes it easy to be exposed to a virus, has low efficiency, and has high labour and time cost.The CloudRacks temperature screening solution is a safe, efficient and non-intrusive way to screen employees and visitors for elevated body temperature and face masks as they enter the workplace.


Non-contact temperature measurement avoids physical contact and reduces cross-infection risks.

Accurate Detection

Highly accurate body temperature measurement +/- 0.3 degrees (with calibration body). AI detection reduces false alarm from other heat sources.

Temperature Alarm

Automatically trigger immediate alarm of abnormal temperature to notify operators.

Labour Saving

Thermal cameras can replace manual testing and save much on labour cost and testing time.

What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is the process to create an image using Infrared Radiation. Most things emit some form of Infrared Radiation, including humans and animals. Infrared Radiation is directly affected by temperature, e.g. the higher the temperature the more Infrared Radiation is emitted, and the inverse is also true. Using a Microbolometer as the detector in a thermal camera allows us to generate a Thermal Image by applying a colour palette to the different intensities of Infrared Radiation.

Why Is Thermal Imaging Used For Body Temperature Detection?

Thermal imaging is used for fever screening and detection for several reasons. Often fever screening is set up at border points such as airports, seaports and in public places, these are busy areas often having many people passing through at a time. If you used a regular ear thermometer on every single person this can cause serious delays for others. Thermal Imaging cameras can solve this problem as they can be set-up to scan a large number of people at one time.

It is also important to note when using an ear thermometer the readings are at a single spot on the persons face, but a thermal image uses 1000’s of temperature readings (Pixels) to build up a 2-dimensional picture of the face of the person. This allows the medical team screening the person to have a better understanding of the temperature of the person. 

As with all fever screening, the incubation period of the virus will affect the temperatures recorded on the human face. Any abnormal face temperature noted within the thermal screening process should then be checked further by medical professionals and further corrective action taken if required.

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