We've introduced Memory Poisoning Recovery. Learn how to reduce memory failure impacts for business critical SAP HANA environments in the Cloud ↓

Get step-by-step instructions for building serverless APIs with Azure Functions in this edition of #AzureTipsAndTricks. Get started: https://msft.it/6013XZFl5

Let’s just say there has been a lot of interest in desktop container tools this month.

@Podman_io is built by the @OpenShift containers team at @RedHat, including our guests Dan Walsh (@rhatdan) and Brent Baude (@bbaude).

πŸ“ƒ https://kubernetespodcast.com/episode/164-podman/
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My first apartment was great, but I didn't live there forever. After a year, my needs changed and I wanted something better.

If you're upgrading databases to @googlecloud Spanner, we're making it easier. Migrate from PostgreSQL, MySQL, and now, DynamoDB.


For customers looking for a more automated way to manage quotas over a high number of projects, we have news for you.

Introducing a Quota Monitoring Solution from Google Cloud Professional Services. Learn more ↓

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