🗺️ Distribute your #SaaS applications worldwide by using Azure capabilities to improve security, implement cloud-native technologies, and more!

Read the guide: https://msft.it/6018jr2i2 #Azure #HowTo

Fun fact: You no longer have to write or run your own pipelines for data ingestion from Pub/Sub into #BigQuery.

Funnest fact: You no longer need to pay for data ingestion into BigQuery when using this new direct method. Only pay for the Pub/Sub you use.

Learn how to create an Azure Function with #Java in this installment of #AzureTipsandTricks! You'll find everything you need to get started in the video description.

Watch here: https://msft.it/6011jrsMz

<<<<<<< fresh data

Read how BigQuery BI Engine can help ensure freshest data by supporting BI and custom applications that work with BigQuery ↓ https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/data-analytics/bigquery-bi-engine-generally-available?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=unpaidsoc&utm_campaign=fy22q3-googlecloudtech-blog-data-in_feed-no-brand-global&utm_content=august-boost&utm_term=-

When choosing the right Azure services for your applications, it’s not always A or B.

Learn how an A+B approach—one that avoids predetermined solutions—can help you accelerate innovation and improve efficiency: https://msft.it/6014jrs8E #Azure

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