Change streams for Cloud Spanner is GA.

Now you can capture and stream out changes (inserts, updates and deletes) from your Spanner databases in near real-time, and unlock many use cases including integrating with data analytics pipelines and more ↓

In honor of #AAPIHeritageMonth, join @stephr_wong, @brian_suk, and @agmsbusho as they share their experiences being a part of the AAPI community and having a career in cloud.

Set your reminder for May 31 at 10am PT ↓

The 🆕 secure data warehouse blueprint provides security best practices to help protect your data and accelerate your adoption of Google Cloud's data, #ML, and #AI solutions.

Explore some benefits this blueprint can provide for your organization →

This week, @kaslinfields & @markmirch have a great talk w/ @magnezi & @boredabdel about release channels on #GKE. Flexible timelines, better version support, & customization w/ maintenance & exclusion windows are just a few benefits. Tune in for the rest!

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